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Updated 2021-05-05

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2021-05-05 I’m happy to announce that we now have some new made Inkle looms for sale.

2021-05-02 We added some more wool-combs Maxi. No we will continue to make new Inkle looms.

2021-04-19  More Niddy Noddies, this time it is Niddy Noddy with double purpose, for both big and small skeins. You find  them here.

2021-04-14 We have added more Wool combs Maxi to the shop. We have also some new Niddy Noddies  for skeins  150 cm (1.65 yards). 

2021-04-05  After a slow start to our working-year, after our update of studio and shop, there are some new sets of our Wool-comb Maxi avaliable. As usual  “ First come first served...” More combs to come.

2020-12-31. Soon we enter a bright new year. We have ajusted our shipping prices. We also say goodbye to customers from Great Britain whom from january 1 aren’t able to order in the webshop.Of cource it's possible to order but you have to contact us by e-mail. We get back to you with the total amount  for your order.  

2020-12-23 We wish all our customers  A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

2020-12-09 Christmas is coming and we try to send your order as quick as possible. To deliver in time for Christmas we must have your order before december 11 (for EU). For delivery in Sweden, send us your order before december 17.

2020-11-30  We have added some new Inkle looms and singel row Mini wool combs in the shop.

2020-11-05 Due to much spam you can find how to contact us in About Gammeldags.

2020-10-26 We have added some more pair of wool combs Maxi with holder.

2020-09-05 After this summer with some periods of tireing weather, we start to fill up our shelfs that have become pretty empty. First start is some  Maxi wool combs with combholder. More is to come.

2020-07-31  Added some pairs of wool combs Midi and a pair of wool comb Extra in the shop. First come first...

2020-07-15  Our wool stock is updated and have added some  wool combs with holder MiniMidi.

2020-06-10 We have updated the shop with more Niddy Noddies, both large and small, and with turkish spindles.

2020-04-26 Info about our band-knifes now with weight.

2020-03-11 When the Corona virus is in every mans thoughts it is nice to be indoors maybe with some sort of creative work. For you who weave bands we have made new band knifes in the same shape that our “old”. We make the band knifes, one with blade of wood and one with a heavier brass blade. You find them here

2020-02-05   You have now the opportunaty to shop as a guest.  We are proud to tell you that some of our wool combs are shown in the Swedish craft magazin Hemslöjd nr 1 2020. We have more in the shop  e g those with combholder.

2020-01-23 A new year with new possibilities. What is your plan for this year? We are back as usual and our shop is updated with more weavers hands, lucets and wool combs. Do you miss something? Send us a messige. You find our contact form in the footer.