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Updated 2021-05-10

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2021-05-10 New band knifes for You who weaves bands.

2021-05-05 I’m happy to announce that we now have some new made Inkle looms for sale.

2021-05-02 We added some more wool-combs Maxi. No we will continue to make new Inkle looms.

2021-04-19  More Niddy Noddies, this time it is Niddy Noddy with double purpose, for both big and small skeins. You find  them here.

2021-04-14 We have added more Wool combs Maxi to the shop. We have also some new Niddy Noddies  for skeins  150 cm (1.65 yards). 

2021-04-05  After a slow start to our working-year, after our update of studio and shop, there are some new sets of our Wool-comb Maxi avaliable. As usual  “ First come first served...” More combs to come.