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Updated 2019-10-07


In the shop right now

2019-10-07 Right now we have a couple of almost all of our wool combs in the shop.

2019-10-03 We have some singel row wool combs Mini in the shop.

2019-08-16 Newly added; Reed hooks in beautiful woods, treated with linseed oil to show the shades of the wood.

2019-07-18 We have added new Wool combs Maxi  and more will come.

2019-06-23 Today we can offer new beginners spindle-kit, both bottom whorl and top whorl spindles. June 26 we will add  new Turkish spindles, Maxi. We will also add some wool combs with holder, and one MiniMidi in hardwood, the latter a “One of a kind” made to satisfy the person who wants something extra.
nybörjar kit.

2019-05-11 It is May but still a bit chilly. We add some Midi wool combs  to help you work with your wool, maybe for making a sweater or two.

2019-04-21 We hope you all have had a Happy Easter and celebrate, our way, with adding some double Niddy Noddies in the store.

2019-04-05 April is here and as usual we haven’t fooled our customers.The shop is updated continuasly and even if some items sells very fast, we do our best to make new ones. Among other things we now have new Inkle looms in stock. Do You miss something in the shop? Contact us and tell us about Your wishes.




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